Free Email Services in India

Are you paying for email services? Do you feel that the mailbox size that you have is not sufficient?

If yes, then it is time for you to utilize a free email service from the World Class Email service providers in India.

1. Gmail: This service is from Google, the biggest search provider on the Internet. This is a very user-friendly email service.

The best part is that when you type something it saves you mail by itself. Also it allows Pop up ability, so that you configure it to your Cell Phone, Outlook or any other Email Client.

2. Yahoo Mail: This email service if from Yahoo, one of the biggest content provider on the Internet. They have made many changes to this service to make it very convenient.

3. Rediff Mail: Well this is our Indian email service and their claim is to be the fastest email service in India. If you believe in Be Indian, Buy Indian, then this is really the email service that you should use.

4. Hotmail: Microsoft the biggest software provider of the World is providing this email service for free. One interesting fact is that it was developed by an Indian “Sabir Bhatia”. Every time you use it, you can be proud of using an Indian’s achievement in the world.

5. AOL: If you are one of the modern types who wants to have a piece of America while living in India, then you can use AOL, also known as America Online. Enjoy it and flaunt it as using American Email service in India.